Why FG Must Re-introduce Price Control For Food Items Saba

I want to use this medium to thank Almighty Allah and people of Nigeria, particularly Kwara State and my federal constituency for the opportunity given to us to serve at the National Assembly. Nigeria is marking 63 years of her independence. During the colonial era, a lot of things took place, and not at the instance of we governing ourselves. We were under the rulership of the white people. So, we have freedom to govern ourselves about 63 years ago now. Looking at the economic situation in the country, and with the independence anniversary speech of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, it is kind of rekindling the hope that it is going to be good for us in this country, particularly for the youths, who formed the large segment of the society. They are the people that will benefit from the current struggles of the present administration.

If you look at the previous Republics up to where we are now, there are a lot of things that happened. People always see Nigeria as a country that is grappling with the issue of corruption here and there. That corruption, if you look at it critically, it can be traced back to the colonial period. It is one of the tendencies of colonial masters for them to take away our resources. But with this present administration, we are aware that going the way it used to be where our resources are being taken away under the guise of subsidy (on fuel), it should be removed forever. That is what brought about subsidy removal on premium motor spirit. It is a scenario where a few people sat on the economy of this country in the name of oil importation and took away our resources. This government is saying no!

And for government to remove this kind of thing (subsidy), it will surely cause pain that people will have to bear, particularly some of us from the rural areas, who don’t know much about what is called subsidy.

It is left for us as federal legislators to reassure our people that what Mr President is doing is in the right direction. People should exercise patience, it is just for a little time. The suffering that people are undergoing today, soonest, it will be overtaken by happiness if we are able to get it right, and the resources will be utilized the way we want. But the issue is not only on subsidy. One is thankful that information dissemination has been made easy now. Somebody from my area can see something and put it on social media handles and the information will get to you unlike before that we must read newspapers before we can get information. The media should help this government to let the society know about the ongoing reforms. Nigeria has come of age and we supposed to have had these reforms.

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