Strengthening Bilateral Relations: Tinubu Urges UK to Support Nigeria’s Energy Transition and Economic Growth

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has called on the United Kingdom’s (UK) government to enhance its partnership with Nigeria and Africa by increasing investments across various sectors. During a meeting with UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, Tinubu emphasized the importance of energy transition and urged the UK to support Nigeria in piping gas to Europe, promoting gas as an alternative clean energy source.

Tinubu also highlighted the need for a competitive and technologically advanced economy that meets the needs of all citizens. He urged the UK to play a significant role in enhancing security and economic development in West Africa to combat the presence of terrorists in the region.

In response, Cleverly commended Tinubu’s decisive actions on fuel subsidy removal and foreign exchange markets, recognizing their potential positive impact on Nigeria’s development. He assured Tinubu of the UK’s commitment to encouraging more investments in Nigeria and emphasized the country’s potential as a net exporter of energy and agricultural products.

Cleverly further affirmed the UK’s support for democracy and stability in the Niger region, stressing the importance of a peaceful and prosperous African continent.

The meeting between Tinubu and Cleverly represents a growing partnership between Nigeria and the UK, focusing on economic cooperation and security enhancement for the region.

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