Stakeholders Applaud Kwara Government’s Implementation of Agro-Processing Zone (SAPZ)

The Special Agri-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) project’s national project coordinator, Kabir Yusuf, has praised Governor Abdurrahman Abdurrazak for agreeing to provide matching funds to carry out the SAPZ project in Kwara State.

According to Yusuf, the express approval of payment to the corresponding fund for the project’s completion in 2023 is a significant step toward realizing the Project Development Objective (PDO) of the SAPZ program in the state.

 “We view this as a fine embodiment of your wise and purposeful leadership with a particular sense of duty and responsibility in the path of governance,” the statement continued.

To effectively bring the promise and prosperity of the project to the people of the state, Yusuf informed the governor that the National Office of the Subs Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in Kwara would continue to participate and provide technical support.

Bosari Toyen Issiaka, State Project Coordinator for the Kwara SAPZ Project, praised Razak for demonstrating a sublime sense of commitment to beginning the project and noted that the Governor’s generosity toward the project over the years has been remarkable and promising in a statement made available to journalists in Ilorin.

This thoughtful action, according to Bosari, “is a great testament to the governor’s belief in the agroecosystem as an engine of economic growth and social and financial inclusion.” Governor Abdul Razak’s government is of the opinion that the SAPZ project is yet another practical way to encourage agricultural development and wealth creation for the state‚Äôs citizens.

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