Nasarawa Aims for 70% Farmer Participation in the 2023 Farming Season

To raise agricultural output and farmers’ income, the government of Nasarawa State has announced plans to employ 60–70% of the state’s farmers for the 2023 growing season.
The Nasarawa Agricultural Development Project’s (NADP) Director of Program, Mr Alanana Manaseh Emmanuel announced the development during a press conference on Thursday. He claims that NADP is completely ready to provide farmers with enhanced seeds and other farming tools.
The Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMEt), which forecasts rainfall in Nasarawa from the second of May to October, urged farmers to pay attention to the predicted rainfall pattern.
He also said that farmers in the state are keen to take part in the project and expressed faith in the government’s willingness to offer the assistance required to enhance farming.
Mr. Emmanuel also applauded Governor Abdullahi Sule for allowing the hiring of additional extension personnel to enhance the viability and effectiveness of farmers.
The Nasarawa State government’s move is anticipated to benefit the agriculture industry, which forms the foundation of the state’s economy.
“It is hoped that with improved support and increased participation of farmers, the state’s agricultural productivity will soar and lead to better livelihoods for the people,” the official said.

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