Irish-Nigerian Partnership Investment Conference Aims to Boost Bilateral Ties

The Irish-Nigerian Partnership Investment Conference, organized by the INGA (name), is set to facilitate stronger bilateral relations, investments, and collaborations between Nigeria and Ireland. Scheduled to take place from the 27th to 29th of October 2023 in Dublin, the conference seeks to provide a robust platform for meaningful business engagement, innovation, and economic growth between the two nations.

With a focus on sectors such as Aviation, Agriculture, Technology, Education, Health, and Infrastructure, the conference aims to create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and partnership-building. The event will feature engaging talks, discussions, presentations, and panels led by industry experts, addressing both challenges and opportunities within the highlighted sectors.

Edizemi Onilenla, a successful Nigerian entrepreneur based in Ireland and the owner of Mansion Foods, expressed her enthusiasm for the conference’s potential to enhance economic collaboration between the two countries. She highlighted Nigeria’s status as an economic powerhouse in Africa and its attraction for Irish investors seeking new horizons.

“The conference will showcase the strengths of both Nigeria and Ireland, demonstrating the power of collaboration, partnership, and networking. This event aligns perfectly with the vision of President Bola Tinubu to foster robust engagement between public and private investors in both countries, including the vibrant diaspora communities,” Onilenla stated.

The conference intends to provide attendees with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a platform to explore potential business prospects. Through a combination of talks, discussions, panels, and workshops, participants will delve into the challenges and opportunities within sectors critical to both countries’ growth.

Ultimately, the Irish-Nigerian Partnership Investment Conference aims to not only boost economic ties between Nigeria and Ireland but also to foster innovation, sustainable development, and fruitful partnerships that can contribute to the growth and progress of both nations.

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