Flood Disaster Claims Over 25,000 Birds and Halts Operations at Anambra Farm

A devastating flood disaster has led to the closure of a high-tech farm in Agbobo Umuoga Ossomala Community, Ogbaru Local Government Area, Anambra State. The automated farm, owned by Matuuci Farms Ltd and spread across 20 hectares, has suffered irreparable losses due to the calamity. Patrick Sule-Ugboma, the farm’s proprietor, revealed that the catastrophe resulted in the tragic demise of over 25,000 poultry birds and severely impacted the farm’s fish, potatoes, and other crops.

As a direct consequence of the flood’s destruction, around 400 staff members of the farm have been instructed to cease operations. The incident underscores the vulnerability of communities situated along the River Niger coastline in Ogbaru, which are regularly exposed to the risk of flooding.

Patrick Sule-Ugboma expressed the grim reality of the situation, lamenting the substantial financial losses incurred by the farm. The value of the lost poultry birds, fish, and other assets amounts to several million naira. The flood’s repercussions are not limited to the farm alone; essential bridges, such as the Umunnakwo Bridge on Onitsha-Ndoni Road, have also suffered damage, hampering transportation and posing threats to residents and travelers alike.

This calamity echoes a similar incident in 2022 when the Umunnakwo Bridge’s collapse resulted in a tragic boat mishap claiming lives. Sule-Ugboma has urged both the federal and Anambra State governments to address the dire situation promptly. He called on Governor Charles Soludo to prioritize the plight of the affected communities and the Niger Delta Development Commission to consider reconstructing the damaged Onitsha-Ndoni Road.

The farm proprietor highlighted the pivotal role of agriculture in the region’s economy, emphasizing the importance of sustainable solutions to prevent future disasters and safeguard the livelihoods of communities in Ogbaru, Delta, Imo, and Rivers states.

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