FG Reaffirms its Commitment to Rejuvenate the Rubber Industry

The Federal Government has reiterated its commitment to revitalize the rubber industry as part of its effort to boost economic growth, with an emphasis on shifting the country’s economy away from oil and toward agriculture. This was announced on Wednesday in Abuja by Dr Ernest Umakhihe, Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

He stated that the government was likewise dedicated to emphasizing cash and arable crops for economic development. He claims that the government has prioritized and fostered the growth of the Rubber Value Chain throughout the years by dispersing better materials for plating budded rubber stumps.

The facilitation of instruction on nursery development and tapping techniques, as well as growth enhancers for farmers to raise plantations, he added. According to Umakhihe, the project included the rehabilitation, maintenance, and replanting of rubber farms across the nation’s rubber-producing states as well as the diagnosis and treatment of White Rot Rubber Diseases.

He claimed that the ministry developed the Rubber Resource Centre (RRRC) in the Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo in partnership with the Lohashilpi Sheeting Processing Technology. Umakhihe asked the organization to guarantee that the plan was fully implemented by including the necessary parties in order to realize the goal of mass rubber manufacturing.

The permanent secretary reaffirmed the ministry’s readiness to support the effort by fostering an environment that will enable the business to succeed. Prof. Joseph Adelegan, executive secretary of the IRSG, also spoke, noting that part of the organization’s duty is to revitalize the rubber sub-sector and encourage investment.

He listed several obstacles impeding the production of rubber, including as low productivity brought on by aging, subpar agronomic methods, and the ongoing use of low-yielding saplings. Bernard Ukattah, the director of the ministry’s tree crops division, also urged the agency and other key players to guarantee that the program was carried out. He claimed that the scheme was designed to enhance the rubber subsector in order to spur economic growth.

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