A request for the construction of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s corporate headquarters was accepted by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) at a meeting on Wednesday.
Mahammad Abubakar, the minister of agriculture and rural development, told reporters following the council meeting that the new headquarters would initially be built using N6 billion.
He claimed that the projected headquarters would be a ten-story structure that would be known as Agriculture House.
The document we gave, he said, was for the development of our corporate headquarters right here in Abuja. We have been without a corporate headquarters ever since the ministry was moved to Abuja more than 30 years ago.
“The full ministry cannot be housed in the Federal Capital Territory Administration’s office, which is only three stories in size.” We have four or five sections that are not part of the primary ministry.
In order to create a 10-story structure that we will call Agriculture House, the Federal Capital Territory Administration has given us a plot in the cadastral zone that is around 1.84 hectares in size and placed in a very advantageous location.
He claimed that although they had bought an Abuja building in the past, it eventually proved to be insufficient for the services needed. Thus, it would be sold, with the earnings going toward the budgeted provision of $6 billion (2022 and 2023) to start the project.
The Minister further stated that in order to complete the project, the Ministry would seek out additional funding through support from the Presidency and other sources.
Regarding the rising price of rice in the nation, Abubakar claimed that since Nigeria is the top producer of rice in Africa, much was being done to ensure its availability and further reduce its price.

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