Fatal Incident: Seplat Oil Rig Collapses in Delta, One Dead and Three Missing

Tragedy struck in the oil sector as a Seplat Energy-owned oil rig, named “Majestic,” collapsed in the Depthwise swamp drilling area. The incident occurred during the rig’s transit to its designated drilling site at Ovhor in Delta State. Seplat Energy, the operator of the SEPLAT/NNPCL joint venture, confirmed the occurrence.

CEO Mr. Roger Brown issued a statement revealing that out of the 96-member crew on board, 92 individuals were successfully accounted for and are safe. However, one tragic fatality resulted from the incident, leaving the entire industry in mourning. Additionally, the status of three other crew members remains uncertain, as they are still missing at the time of reporting.

Seplat Energy expressed deep regret for the incident and extended heartfelt condolences to the affected individual’s family. The company affirmed its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its workforce, reiterating its priority to provide a secure and protected working environment.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by individuals working in the oil and gas industry and the critical importance of maintaining rigorous safety measures and protocols in all operations. The incident has underscored the need for a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the collapse and to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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