Farmers Demand Government Collaboration for Food Security, Express Concerns over Implementation

The All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) is urging the Federal Government to collaborate with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and other farmers’ associations to effectively implement the food security plan. Dr. Femi Oke, Chairman of AFAN’s Lagos and South-West Zone, expressed this call in Lagos while reacting to President Bola Tinubu’s recent national broadcast.

Oke welcomed the President’s broadcast, which was anticipated by many Nigerians in hopes of alleviating the rising food costs in the markets. However, he expressed skepticism about the successful implementation of the food security plan without proper planning and coordination with relevant stakeholders.

The chairman stressed the importance of employing appropriate techniques and expertise to ensure the success of the food security plan. He pointed out that the use of technology was a crucial aspect that the President’s speech did not address. Oke emphasized that agriculture has evolved beyond traditional methods with the advent of technology, which plays a significant role in boosting food production and improving farm practices.

AFAN believes that by involving their association and working closely with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the implementation of palliative measures can be more evenly distributed and accounted for. The Chairman emphasized that modernizing agriculture with smaller machines and introducing advanced technology would be instrumental in achieving food security goals.

Additionally, Oke highlighted the need to strengthen extension officers in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture to better support farmers across the country. He concluded that incorporating modern technology and collaborating with relevant stakeholders would enable Nigeria’s agriculture sector to progress and compete with other developed countries.

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