Dangote Cement Supports 60 Farmers in Agricultural Program

Dangote Cement Supports 60 Farmers in Agricultural Program

Dangote Cement said that no fewer than 60 farmers had taken part in its empowerment initiative at the Ibese host communities as part of attempts to increase food production during the rainy season.

In a statement released on Thursday, the business said that the empowerment program will help them improve their ability to use contemporary agricultural techniques to increase crop production.

The corporate management clarified that maize farming was the primary focus of the empowerment program’s first iteration.

Dangote Cement Supports 60 Farmers in Agricultural Program
Dangote Cement Supports 60 Farmers in Agricultural Program

The community development agreement that the two sides just signed said that it included farmers from all 17 host communities of the cement firm, according to Azad Nawabuddin, the Ibese Plant Director.

He continued by saying that the business will always be prepared to assist the public, particularly farmers, in whatever manner it could to increase food production.

Mr. Nawabuddin informed the farmers that the cement firm has developed practical training on building capacity in excellent agricultural practices for soil fertility and to maximize maize farming in conjunction with some expert advisors.

He said that the business would support farmers in other ways as well, including field clearing, the delivery of farming materials including seeds, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, agricultural extension, and the necessary path to the market.

Giving the guidelines for the elected farmers, Mr. Nawabuddin explained that only farmers whose farms were no larger than one hectare at the start of the program and who had engaged in active farming in the previous three years were taken into consideration for the project, which was run in collaboration with a local provider of agri-support services, Midstream Agro.

The host towns of the Ibese Plant “are endowed with vast and arable land as well as good climatic conditions necessary for sustainable agricultural ventures,” he said. As a result, the company supports the farmers for increased output with more efficiency.

He gave the farmers his word that Dangote Cement will keep helping them with the socioeconomic transformation of their areas as outlined in the CDA, and that he would fulfill that pledge up to the letter.

Olumide Oladipupo, the Lead Consultant for Midstream Agro, thanked the organization for supporting the growth of farmers in its host communities during the close-out meeting of the empowerment initiative while arguing for additional innovative programs like the one supported by Dangote Cement.

One of the most efficient methods to eliminate unemployment and an over-dependence on such enterprises for survival is to encourage more people to enter agriculture across host communities, Mr. Oladipupo said. “The need for other corporate organizations to join the conscious efforts to drive more people into agriculture across the host communities cannot be over-emphasized.”

One of the farmers, Abisekan Idoola of the Abule Oke community, stated that in addition to the program’s direct benefits, it provided a forum for them to exchange ideas and best practices, which significantly enhanced the productivity of their individual farms.

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