In the Akure North local government area, farmers in Powerline and Ago-Oyinbo in the Ala Forest Reserve were attacked by suspected herders who allegedly stole food and smartphones. AgroNigeria learned that the herders used the sword to physically hurt many of their victims. Some farmers reportedly had to flee the area due to the frequent attacks by suspected herdsmen.

A local named Mr. Samuel Oluwolafe told reporters that despite his community’s protests, the attackers persisted in abusing its members over the weekend. He continued by saying that the attackers took millions of naira’s worth of food and other valuables.

“The Fulani herders wanted to take over our farmland, which is what actually happened to us over the weekend.
“In the middle of the night, they came to attack us with their firearms and other hazardous weapons, taking our food, phones, and other possessions with them. We once more need assistance from the state’s administration and security services.
“At the end of the week, the shepherds returned and attacked us once more, periodically firing into the air. They still conduct their raids at night and in the early hours of the morning, stealing our food, ruining our farm products, and occasionally even killing individuals.
“We need the government’s serious attention because we know that they intend to control the community by evicting residents from their homes.”

(C) Agro Nigeria

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